I'm Chris, a TSYP and BWY qualified yoga teacher and therapist teaching small group classes in Mountnessing, Essex.


I teach in the tradition of Krishnamacharya and his son, Desikachar. This holistic tradition is ideally suited to anyone who wants to experience yoga, whatever their requirements, be it health, wellbeing or personal development.


Yoga is so much more than a set of physical postures. Postures (asanas) are just one of many tools at our disposal, and finding the right combination of techniques is what makes yoga a very personal experience for each student - even in a class situation.


I have been teaching in Essex since 1998 in a wide range of environments including Adult Education where I taught for more than 10 years before deciding to concentrate on private teaching so that I could accept a place on a four year study programme to train with the KHYF in Austria and India as a Yoga Therapist.

 I am committed to increasing my knowledge in the field of yoga therapy through continuous study with the KYM. In January 2013 I spent 3 weeks in internship at the KYM in Chennai which was followed in March 2014 by a 2 week, 60 hour, intensive training.My studies continued in 2016 at the KYM with another 2 week intensive study trip and this study continued further in 2018. I also study and train in the UK at relevant events and have a mentor who supervises my personal yoga practice and development.


I hope to welcome you to a class very soon.